Live, love and work fearlessly - for this is the path of purpose we seek.

The Source and The Return, the join that completes the circle.

Our callings speak to us in our language: the code only we understand: a hope, a childhood memory, a longing.


It presents itself in ordinary, visceral moments. These moments, like little heart hiccups awaken us to a feeling, an un-placeable but familiar feeling that reminds us of when we were our truest selves. 

The call is the life force that pulls in ways our busy minds can struggle to remember, trust and act upon. It is an instinctive calling that prompts us to be, to do, to see to grow. It is the key with which we tune our lives and actions.


We can have a number of different callings: relational, occupational, spiritual, creative or cultural; for landscapes, nature ancestors or animals. Our callings change and evolve, we can be powerfully called to some things and just as powerfully called away from them. 

The Callings Program™ is a place to reflect upon finding, following and sustaining your calling.


Whether you are a school leaver or retiree; in career transition or at a personal cross-roads; city dweller or on the land - The Callings Program™ can help you uncover or re-affirm living with passion and purpose.




The Callings Program™ will be an invaluable companion if you are:

  • wondering about or reviewing your calling or life purpose

  • feeling stuck, looking for a new direction

  • wanting to make wise choices and searching for a strategy to achieve this

  • experiencing physical and/or emotional symptoms you think may be related to not living to your potential

  • at a crossroads in your personal life and/or career and asking yourself what you should do next

  • craving passion and purpose in your life, and seeking practical steps and advice to get there

  • wanting to support someone who is facing some of these challenges

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what's your calling?